• :Communication Policy

  •       When a new family is accepted into our daycare, we like to be sure that we can share openly any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar daycare philosophy between us and the parents. We welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the child(ren). Sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time 

:Food Police

  We provide Breakfast, Lunch, and two snacks each day. We also give milk to kids. If your child has any special needs    regarding food or milk, then you must provide enough for each day

                 If your child has any particular dietary needs or has allergies, religious beliefs, or non-religious beliefs, etc., then we must be informed, and when applicable given a doctor's note stating the fact

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Open Door Policy:                                                   

                        We maintain an open-door policy. Parents may visit their children in our facility any time they wish. We do ask parents who  plan to visit their children frequently to follow the classroom routine to avoid disturbing classroom scheduled activities 

:Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

  It is normal for children to have difficulty separating from parents, or cry when dropping off. Please make your drop-off brief. The longer you prolong the departure, the harder it gets. A smile, cheerful goodbye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back are all that is needed. In most cases, children are nearly always quick to get involved in play or activities as soon as their parents are gone

  Please be brief at pick-up times, as well. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present                (the parent and the provider). All children will test to see if the rules still apply. During drop-offs and pick-ups, we

expect children to back up our rules. Please be in control of your child during pick-up times


:Wellness Policy

   To protect the health and well-being of the children in our care, we expect parents to assist us by keeping children at home  if they have experienced any of the following symptoms within 24 hours





   If the child becomes ill with any of the above symptoms while in our care, you will be contacted and expected to take your little one home. Please keep in mind children are welcome back 24 hours after symptoms no longer exist or the final medication has been administered for any diagnosed condition

:Termination Policy

   Occasionally, a child will experience some difficulty in adapting to the daycare's environment or abiding by the daycare rules of behavior. We will work closely with you to see if the problem can be resolved. If the child's behavior continues to be disruptive to the group, we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw your child from daycare


   You must give a 30-day notice when voluntarily withdrawing your child from Awesome Kidzz Daycare. You will be responsible for all final payments through the end of the notice period, whether the child is in attendance or not. Awesome Kidzz Daycare reserves the right to give written notice of immediate termination when there are extreme circumstances that affect the well-being of the provider or other children in attendance.