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In a caring & positive atmosphere

    We seek to create a warm


      & happy place for learning.

  Awesome Kidzz Home Daycare is a family child care in Gale Ranch San Ramon, CA, dedicated to providing quality child care and learning opportunities.  We take great care in providing a learning environment to our children in a well-ventilated, comfortable and multicultural setup.

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Home Daycare:

We facilitate each child’s development based on the child’s interest and individuality, helping them learn about themselves and the world around them


Health and well-being:

We, at, Awesome Kidzz promote a healthy lifestyle through nutritious, homemade meals made from scratch ingredients along with our active programs


Open and accepting:

​We are open and accepting all children and families. We cultivate an expectation of respect that all children, families, and staff will be treated with respect and will treat others the same

Partnership with families:

Awesome Kidzz is committed to working collaboratively with families to promote child’s development

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